Regardless of the specific services or delivery method provided, CitiStructure’s overriding focus is on providing the best value for the budget. Our early involvement in your project is essential in meeting this outcome. It creates interaction between costing and design early in the design process which allows the owner to make informed decisions. This process ultimately will eliminate surprises during construction and result in a quality facility that meets expectations.


Design-Build is a process where an owner executes a single contract with one entity to provide design and construction services. That entity is a team of contractors, led by CitiStructure, and one or more architectural and/or engineering design firms. As a team, we partner with an owner to design and construct the project in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price to provide a high-quality product that will serve users for the years and decades to come. Design-Build is a fast-track method where we start construction before design is completed. By working together, the team can be innovative in finding ways to quickly resolve issues that emerge. Design-Build also allows for faster work completion at a substantial cost savings compared to the traditional process of design-bid-build. The advantages of Design-Build include:Picture6 (1)

  • Single Point Responsibility
  • Time Savings
  • Team Ingenuity
  • Reduced Claims
  • Ready Access to New Technologies


Construction Management With a Guaranteed Maximum Price

With this contract method, CitiStructure performs a variety of services during the preconstruction phase when we join the owner’s team including budgeting, scheduling and value engineering at various stages of design. At a mutually agreeable time (usually when the construction documents are 70-75% complete), CitiStructure provides the owner with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project. CitiStructure’s construction services include:Picture7

  • Cost monitoring and control
  • Schedule development and control
  • Subcontractor management
  • Field engineering and site management
  • Safety assurance
  • Project accounting
  • Change management
  • Shop drawings and submittal review
  • Quality control

Owner’s Rep

In the role of Owner’s Rep, CitiStructure provides a full range of services to assist clients during the planning, design, and construction phases of projects. CitiStructure’s approach is to serve as an extension of our client’s organization, complementing their capabilities and representing their interests throughout the duration of the project. From the early planning and design stages through project completion and close-out,CitiStructure uses proven management systems and procedures to monitor project progress and ensure project goals are met.

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