Townhouse Development


In the highlands of Panama, there is a small but charming valley called Boquete, known as the “Valley of the Flowers and Eternal Spring.” This cool-weathered and fertile valley has established itself as one of the most important retirement and tourism destinations in the Western hemisphere. Known for its cool, fresh, climate and pristine natural environment, the small alpine town of Boquete is nestled among the country’s most mountainous region, at 3,600 ft. Situated between the Caldera River, which lies to the east, Baru Volcano to its west, Boquete enjoys a comfortable year-round climate ideal for retirement living, outdoor adventure seekers – rafting, hiking, mountain biking, birding, etc. In addition, the combination of cool, brisk temperatures and rich, fertile land has created an ideal setting for floral exportation and coffee growing.

It is here in Boquete that CitiStructure has continued to expand their real estate development initiative and constructed 10 high-end town houses valued at a total of $5 million (US). This development adds to their development projects and properties in the Bahamas, India, Florida, and the New York Metropolitan area.