Hi-End Luxury Residence


E 72nd 1

CitiStructure was retained to manage the construction of this new $15 Million, 8-story, 25,000sf condominium with seven apartments. The building is located in one of the most expensive areas of Manhattan, on 72nd Street between Madison and Park Avenues, one block away from Central Park.  The original 5-story, turn of the century brick and wooden building is being demolished while saving the front brick façade since it is historic. In order to preserve the front façade, a plan was devised where the new superstructure for half the building is being built, replacing the bracing holding up the front facade. Once a new floor is in place, demolition for the “old building” on that floor can proceed.

The new 8-story building will have four single level apartments of approximately 3,000sf each from floors 2 through 5. There will be a 3,000sf maisonette (2-story duplex) apartment in the back half of the building on the lower level and first floor. The maisonette apartment will have access to the backyard gardens through the lower level. There is also a 500sf studio apartment on the first floor. Floors 6 through 8 are a single, triplex unit that will be occupied by the building owner. Each level of the triplex is set back providing access to beautifully landscaped terraces.

All the apartments will have balconies and access to outdoor space. They will be outfitted with wood-burning fireplaces, state-of-the-art kitchens and heating and air conditioning systems.