Bringing new meaning to a one-stop destination, BLVD & CRASH MANSION, located at 199 Bowery adjacent to the termination of Spring Street, features a world-class restaurant, cafe, nightclub, event space, live music venue and recording studio, all within one 18,000 square foot complex, built at a cost of more than $12 Million.  Noted for its stunning high-tech computer controlled creative lighting and state-of-the-art sound installations that bring both warmth and excitement to the spaces inside, each area of BLVD has a unique personality and is designed to operate as an independent entity, allowing for simultaneous live music downstairs and a corporate function upstairs. BLVD was built by CitiStructure to support the best in dining, events and entertainment.

The main area of BLVD, which holds up to 1,000 guests, provides a comfortable and spacious lounge and ultra-premium, arched 45-foot glazed-oak bar with tile and mirrored back all crafted by CitiStructure in their own millwork shop. The nightclub boasts over 10,000 watts of state-of-the art sound and exotic lighting, and is equipped with a technologically advanced DJ booth and over 1,500 sf of dance floor space.

With the capacity to handle parties up to 500, BLVD’s private rooms in the rear of the venue are designed with opulence and soft glowing circular ceiling treatments. The VIP Room is replete with full bar and overhead circular ceiling treatments that provide a soft glow to the lush curved booths surrounding the room. It features an inset plush stage at one end, a dedicated staff and bar, restroom, DJ Booth and private entrance. An airy, sun-bathed room facing Bowery provides seating for the cafe during the day and access to the restaurant and club after sundown.

CRASH MANSION, the live music and private party venue underneath BLVD, also boasts a state-of-the-art sound system and recording studio. Warm lighting and exposed stonework walls bring an intimate feel to this large venue. Accommodating up to 350 people, CRASH MANSION has already made a name for itself among local and seasoned musicians since its opening night with Norah Jones and other great performers such as Joss Stone.

CitiStructure was proactive, able to solve problems expeditiously and was instrumental in completing this very difficult project on schedule and budget.
Ed Brady, BLVD Owner